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Since we started, we have helped clients in the maritime and oil & gas industries – such as but not limited to vessel / floating marine equipment operators, vessel owners, vessel managers, marine equipment charterers, oil majors, oil servicing companies, insurance companies, financial institutions (bankers), etc., to make informed decisions by evaluating every of their concerns with regard to safety & quality and simply producing a precise information on paper to enhance sound business decision making. This can be achieved effectively through our technical expertise and factual report findings while carrying out inspections, surveys, investigations, etc. on board floating marine equipment / vessels in operation while at sea or just idle at the port / jetty locally and internationally.

A reputable and reliable Marine consultancy company is only as good as its employees or staff strength. Here in DEF Maritime & Offshore Services, we have qualified and tested marine surveying professionals who have acquired several years of experience in marine surveying and attained professional qualifications in their respective fields locally and internationally. In addition some of our Marine surveyors have been to sea to also acquire first hand experience while working on board different types of offshore / sea going vessels, grew through the ranks to become officers in the highest level before opting to become marine surveyors after attending professional marine surveying courses and trainings in that regard. Some other of our Marine surveyors also has related educational qualifications and has undergone hands – on training to becoming Marine surveying professionals with qualifications / certifications to show.

Who we are

DEF Maritime & Offshore Services is a firm, dynamic and vibrant company with great passion to impart the maritime and oil & gas industries in West Africa and beyond by upholding and implementing best practices, international standards and regulations, etc., in compliance with statutory and regulatory codes so as to give you (our clients) valuable services and the necessary guide to enable you make precise and unbiased judgment when taking critical business decisions. In addition, we believe our professional expertise will help actualize every of your (our clients) set goals which may also include quality and safety of a chartered / hired vessel, safety of the facilities to be serviced by these hired vessels, value for money when purchasing or hiring a particular floating marine equipment / vessel, qualification and experience of crew manning a particular floating marine equipment / vessel etc,. So when you engage us as your consulting partners, you can be rest assured that every of your concerns are being treated accordingly and timely, and at the end we all will be proud to say we made the right decision.

Why we are different

We are a dynamic and a reliable Marine consulting company. We keep abreast with recent developments and changes in the maritime and Oil & Gas industries by consistently engaging in staff development and human capacity building through current related professional courses and trainings, that is, bringing tomorrows solutions to solving today’s problems. In order words, we bring to your business table just on time solutions to your just in case dynamic problems and concerns.

Our readily available and trained Marine surveyors don’t go out of your scope when undertaking any assigned task or job description given to them however; we beat your expectations and place you ahead of others by bringing to your knowledge what others may not find or see. As a result of making you to always be ahead of others, we create a lot of space and flexibility for you to make convincing and remarkable inputs and recommendations when necessary.
All of our surveyors do have un-waivered integrity, passion to deliver on the job, understand the risks involved in the maritime and oil & gas industry and as well as very prompt whenever clients seek our help / intervention.


DEF Maritime & Offshore Services seeks to establish best practices in the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries in West Africa and beyond (globally), by consistently upholding and implementing relevant international standards and regulations coupled with firm integrity through the inspection, surveying of floating marine equipment / vessels in operation and dependable marine consultancy services.


“To be ‘The’ Marine Consultancy and Surveying Company that helps you (our clients) make the right moves and take the right, informed and precise business decisions through our excellent (DEF) performance and expertise”.


We are DEF in providing impeccable services and we remain committed in bringing tomorrow’s solution to solving today’s problems.

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We make our customers top priority to enable us to understand their concerns and proactively equip them with the necessary information to make sound business decisions.

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Our strength lies on our sincerity and attitude in doing the right thing in a trustworthy manner to build a long-term relationship with customers as well as secure their confidence.

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We cherish one another’s input and output on the job and our arsenals are built on the level of team work we possess.

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We protect the environment through relevant international regulations and standards. We also show quality care.

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Our services are quality oriented, and that quality is embedded in safety, in other words safety is our refiner in delivering our tailor-made services.

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